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A quick reference guide to service addresses in the Fourth District, both hard copy and email.  Send service documents to the address listed on the CHEAT SHEET, not to individual attorneys in the office.


ADI has prepared a guide to coronavirus emergency measures applicable to Fourth District cases. It includes links to Superior Court, Court of Appeal, California and U.S. Supreme Court, federal court, and other websites related to our cases.


Electronic filing through the California courts’ TrueFiling system is mandatory in all three divisions of the Fourth Appellate District and in the California Supreme Court. CCAP guide to bookmarking briefs is here.

Supreme Court’s acceptance of petition for review via TrueFiling constitutes service of the petition on the Court of Appeal under California Rules of Court, rule 8.500(f)(1). The Supreme Court says the Court of Appeal must still be listed on the proof of service. For example, "Court of Appeal (per Supreme Court TrueFiling policy)."


News alert: Attorneys are urged to use Judicial Council forms for EOT requests and to fill them out correctly. Have TrueFiling serve the EOT for you. The fee is reimbursable.


Link to Panel Portal Log-On Page.


The Office of the State Public Defender has organized trainings on the implications of Senate Bill No. 775, which modified Penal Code section 1170.95, as well as further developments in the repackaging of Implied Malice at the D-3 hearings.

Fri, November 19, Noon:

Strategies to Counter DA Arguments about Murder After SB 1437
Sponsored by Santa Clara County Independent Defense Counsel Office (IDO) & OSPD
1.5 Hours of MCLE Credit Registration Link:


SB 775 Changes to Pen. Code § 1170.95, Issues In the Trial Courts
Sponsored by OSPD
Registration Link:

ADI will be hosting one virtual MCLE program on Thursday, December 2, 2021, and co-hosting another virtual MCLE program with FDAP, SDAP, CCAP, and CAP-LA on Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

Thursday, December 2, Noon: The Alpha and Omega of an Appeal: The Notice of Appeal and the Remittitur

ADI staff attorneys Art Martin and Siri Shetty will give presentations on two relatively under-examined aspects of an appeal -- the notice of appeal that starts the process and can potentially cause problems, and the remittitur that ends an appeal, including potential issues arising from resentencing hearings and remands.

The program is pre-approved for one hour of general MCLE credit. The program is also pre-approved for one hour of ppellate specialization credit. We will circulate GoToWebinar log-in details and more information in advance of the program.

Wednesday, January 5, Noon: AB 624: Appealing Orders Transferring Juveniles to Adult Court

Project staff attorneys Richard Braucher (FDAP), Jonathan Grossman (SDAP), and Jennifer Peabody (CAP-LA) are organizing a seminar on AB 624, which creates an interlocutory right to appeal orders transferring juvenile cases to adult court. The program will explain the law regarding transfer and the issues that are expected to arise from transfer hearings. The program is still in the planning stage. Details will be provided soon.

The program will be pre-approved for one hour of general MCLE credit and pre-approved for one hour of appellate specialization credit. FDAP is hosting this program. A registration link will be circulated before the program.

See Calendar of Events for details.


Panel News Alerts

Accomplice Liability for Murder (SB 1437) by Judge Richard Couzens (July 2019)

Senate Bill No. 823, Juvenile Justice Realignment and closure of DJJ - effective September 30, 2020.

Senate Bill No. 92, Juvenile Justice Realignment - effective May 14, 2021. Assembly Bill No. 1869, repeals 23 criminal administrative fees and writes off outstanding debt related to them - effective July 1, 2021.

Assembly Bill No. 1950, reduces length of probationary terms - effective January 1, 2021.

Assembly Bill No. 2542, Racial Justice Act of 2020 - effective January 1, 2021.

Assembly Bill No. 3070, redefines peremptory challenge procedures to eradicate implicit bias - effective January 1, 2022.

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