The fastest way to locate a California prison inmate is with the new Prison Locators search, available here

Prison Locators also has a telephone number for locating inmates: (916) 445-6713
The service is available Monday through Friday 8 am - 4:45 pm, except holidays. You must have either the inmate's CDRC number, or the inmate's full name and date of birth to receive information. The Inmate Locator/ID Warrants will provide an inmate's location, mailing addresses and relevant phone numbers. The Inmate Locator/ID Warrants will not provide any future release date information.

Please note that for new or transferring inmates it can take up to seven business days to update location information.

To locate an inmate incarcerated under California law but housed in an out-of-state prison, review out of state prison facilities on the CDCR website, click here.

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation: The CDCR Web site offers information about each of the California prisons including: the wardens, institution addresses, programs offered, security levels, and populations. For links to the individual prisons within the CDCR, click here.


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Private Prisons

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Incarceration Facilities in California

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California Community Correctional Facilities (external site link)
California Prisons (external site link)
California State Mental Hospitals (external site link)
CDCR Conservation Camps(external site link)
CDCR Litigation Coordinators (external site link) - Contact to learn procedures of and arrange for out of the ordinary communication.


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