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Q&A with Justice William Dato - October 3, 2017
Briefing Common Civil Motions - excerpt / MCLE Evaluation

Sex Crimes - September 13, 2017
Outline of Sex Crime Discussion / Victories / MCLE Evaluation Form/ Audio Webinar (self-study credit) / Self-Study Certificate

Ashton Embry and the Ethical Responsibilities of Judicial Law Clerks - August 30, 2017
Ethics for Federal Judicial Law Clerks / MCLE Evaluation

California Supreme Court Practice - June 22, 2017
Seminar Outline / Supreme Court IOPPs / Supreme Court of California Booklet / Audio Webinar (self-study credit)

San Diego District Attorney Conviction Review Unit - March 8, 2017
Seminar Powerpoint / District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis Conviction Review DNA Letter / Audio Webinar
NOTE: Webinar audio content concludes at the 50 minute mark in the recording above.

State Bar Office of Chief Trial Counsel: Ethical Considerations - January 25, 2017
Seminar Powerpoint / MCLE Evaluation /California Rules of Professional Conduct/Audio Webinar

Court Update & Questions/Answers with Division One - March 30, 2016 New Division One local rule 5 (effective April 4, 2016 / Local Rules of the Fourth Appellate District / Audio Webinar (self study credit)

Substance Abuse Prevention, Detection and Treatment - January 13, 2016
Addiction and the Brain / Addiction and the Legal Profession / Audio Webinar (self-study credit)

Recent Developments in Ethics: Cases and Opinions - October 21, 2015
Audio Webinar (Self Study Credit) / Power Point Presentation in PDF format

Prop 47 Issues in Riverside County - September 17
Materials: Valencia Reply to Answer to Petition for Review / Valencia Petition for Review - Prosecute under PC 459.5 not PC 459 / PC 459.5 Sample / Motion to Reconsider - No Disqualification for PC 290.005/ E063018 RB / LOPD Prop 47 FAQ Sheet / LOPD Prop 47 mandatory form / Riverside PD Philosophy of Prop 47 - Dog & the Bone (Audio Webinar not available)

Ethical Implications of Using the Cloud and Internet in Law Practice - August 19, 2015
Audio Webinar (self-study credit) / Power Point Presentation

DNA Testing - June 3, 2015
Audio Webinar (self-study credit) / The non-scientific DNA talk: Motions for appointment of counsel and DNA testing under PC 1504

Proposition 47 - March 4, 2015
Audio Webinar (self-study credit) / Power Point Presentation / Mendocino County Order: Proposition 47 applies to plea bargains  / Sample Motion: Release from parole when credits exceed custody time and parole time / Sample Motion to release from parole due to the length of sentencing exceeding Penal Code section 1170(h)(5) / Sample Motion for dismissal of the out on bail allegation

Substance Abuse - January 7, 2015
Audio Broadcast / Handout: Attorney Diversion and Assistance Act / Handout: Rules and Regulations Governing the Lawyer Assistance Program

California Legislative History: Researching Legislative Intent in an Increasingly Electronic World - November 19, 2014
Audio Broadcast / Handout: ADI California Legislative History Research Guide / Handout: Legislative History Notes

Recognizing and Eliminating Gender Bias: Understanding Implicit Bias and Micromessaging - October, 29, 2014
Audio Broadcast / Resource List / The Courage to Pay Heed: Knowing and Responding to Implicit Bias / Harvard Business School Case Study: Gender Equality

Questions and Answers with Guest Speakers Presiding Justice Judith McConnell and Clerk/Administrator Kevin Lane - November 20, 2013
Audio Webinar / Audio Webinar

When the Law is the Problem: Jury Instructions on Appeal - Finding Errors and Establishing Prejudice - September 18, 2013
Audio Webinar  /  Seminar Handout (PDF)

Case Management and Brief Writing: How to Get Paid for the Work You Do - August 7, 2013
Audio Webinar  / Seminar Handout (PDF)  

Substance Abuse: Recognition, Understanding, and Intervention - May 9, 2013
Audio Webinar  /  Seminar Handout (PDF)  

Persuasive Writing: Rhetoric for Fun and Profit - April 18, 2013
Audio Webinar  /  Persuasive Writing Handout (PDF)

10 Reasons to do Juvenile Offense Appellate Work - August 15, 2012
Audio Webinar  /  Seminar Outline (PDF)  /  Sealing Juvenile Record (PDF)  /  Juveniles are Different (PDF) Law Review Excerpts (WordPerfect) (Word)  /  Representing Minors Article (PDF)

Handling Difficult and Dangerous Clients - June 20, 2012
Audio Webinar  /  Power Point Presentation in PDF form  /  Biography of Wendy Patrick (PDF)  /  Biography of Michael Begovich (PDF)  

Realignment Policies of the County Jail - May 16, 2012
Audio Webinar  /  Slide Show (PDF)  

Finding Issues in Probation Reports and Other Key Spots in the Record - February 15, 2012
Audio Webinar  / Seminar Handouts (PDF)

Substance Abuse - January 31, 2012
Audio Webinar  / Addiction and the Legal Profession (PDF)  /  Addiction and the Brain (PDF)

Writs in Division One - November 16, 2011
Audio Webinar  

Immigration Issues for Criminal Defendants - October 19, 2011
Audio Webinar  /  Crimes Chart (PDF)  /  Moral Turpitude Article (PDF)  

Inside the California Supreme Court - August 17, 2011
Audio Webinar  /  Petitions for Review (PDF)  /  Petition for Review Sample (PDF)

Behind the Walls of California State Prison - June 15, 2011
Audio Webinar   /  Inmate Classification System (PDF) /  CDC Classification Score Sheet 1 (PDF)  /  CDC Classification Score Sheet 2 (PDF)  /  CDC Classification Score Sheet 3 (PDF)

Ethical Issues in Appointed Criminal Appeals and Habeas Petitions - May 18, 2011
Audio Webinar  / Seminar Handout (PDF)  /  Strickland Flowchart (PDF)

Federal Court Perspective on Federal Habeas Petitions - March 16, 2011
Audio Webinar  /  Flow Chart (PDF)  /  Statutes & Cases (PDF)  /  Habeas Screening Checklist (PDF)  /  New Petition Form (PDF)  

Guilty Plea Appeals - February 16, 2011
Audio Webinar  /  Materials (PDF)  

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