Paul Bell memorial award

The Paul Bell Award is presented in honor of significant achievement on appeal and in honor of contributions to the appointed appellate counsel system. The Award is given annually by the Board of Directors of Appellate Defenders and Federal Defenders in memory of Paul Bell, beloved Assistant Director of Appellate Defenders until his untimely passing in July 1997.

The winners have been:

1997 Lynda Romero
1998 Martin Buchanan, Lynda Romero, Clay Seaman, Roberta Thyfault
1999 Ben Coleman
2000 Handy Horiye
2001 Kathleen Mallinger, Alice Shotton
2002 George Schraer
2003 Gary Nichols
2004 Joe Tavano
2005 Clifford Gardner
2006 David Stanley
2007 Dennis Riordan
2008 Elaine Alexander
2009 Charles Sevilla
2010 California Innocence Project
2011 Howard Cohen
2012 Neale Gold
2013 Rebecca Jones
2014 Patrick Ford
2015 Laura Schaefer
2016 Neil Auwarter
2017 Joanne Willis Newton
2018 Jerry Wallingford



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