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California Appellate Courts Case Information System
The system provides case information for California Supreme Court and Court of Appeal cases. Case information is updated once an hour throughout the business day.

Oral Argument Calendars for Fourth District Court of Appeal

Oral Argument Calendar for Supreme Court


California Superior Courts: Fourth Appellate District

*Note About Riverside Online System: Riverside's website recently has changed to only permit free searches with a case number and date of birth. With this information, the public can obtain an entire case report. To print the entire case report, right click your mouse on the document and select print twice. To print only a selection of the report, right click your mouse on the document, select print preview, and choose the relevant page(s). Then, select print.


United States Supreme Court Docket
The site contains information about cases, both pending and decided. The docket provided on this page contains information regarding the status of cases for both the current Term and the prior Term. Information on the docket is updated on the day after an entry is made on the docket.

United States District Court and Appellate Court Docket
The U.S. District Court and Appellate Court docket information is currently only available through PACER. You will be required to use a login and password issued by the PACER Service Center. If you do not already have a PACER account, call (800) 676-6856 or (210) 301-6440 to obtain a registration form. It takes about a week to receive a login and password from the PACER Service Center. There is a $.08 per page charge for downloading case information on PACER.


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